Professional performers sought for a new production by BRONKS and director/choreographer Randi De Vlieghe (WaWilWieDoen, Operatie Charlie, Zoo doen ze de dingen, Voetbal op hoge hakkenRita...).

This production will explore the cutting-edge between theatre, dance, song, musical, performance ART, film, social media, political pamphlet theatre, pop music, documentary theatre, shock theatre and make-up.

Physical performers/actors/dancers with an obsessive relationship with text, music, singing, character, performance, theatrical transformation or an Instragram entity.

Please state in your application in a short pithy way how the aspect of ‘CROSS-OVER’ applies to you. For instance: an actor who does a great impersonation of Leonardo Di Caprio and likes singing Katy Perry songs, a dancer who loves vogueing, a singer-songwriter who likes doing cover songs, someone who changes their hair colour every week and who can put climate change in a nutshell, a krumping & house dancer who’s doing an intensive course in karate and percussion... .

BRONKS and Randi De Vlieghe are organising playdays/auditions in order to assemble a group of 5 performers. These will take place on 26/09/19, 27/09/19, 28/09/19, 26/10/19 and 27/10/19 at BRONKS in Brussels.

• December 2020 (14 - 17 Dec) 
• January 2021
• February 2021
Opening on 27 February 2021, with touring to follow straight after.

Please send your CV together with a recent photo to
Taking part in an audition will be subject to personal invitation or confirmation.


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