She is a dancer.
He is a conjuror.
Together they are magic.

Show is a production about butterflies on your stomach, storms in your mind, and stars in your eyes; about longing and yearning, about confusion and expectations, about the unfathomable and inexpressible feeling that washes over you when love is on the prowl.

When she says she can sing too I panic a little because I know for sure that she can do it very well and I don’t know whether I shall be able to do it too but fortunately I can say in a very businesslike way Great, let’s hear you after three sentences I think oh dear it’s in French and he may not understand it so I translate it This song is about a girl who sees all the boys and girls walking hand in hand in the street and she is sad because she doesn’t have anyone and she thinks she will never have anyone to walk hand in hand with when she sings something very unusual happens in my stomach a feeling of aaaah and then it moves down to below my navel and stays there and I’m afraid she will see it so I look very serious while thinking what I can do well and how I am going to show it when she has finished her lovely song I say very roughly Shall I show you what I can dowhen I’ve finished he immediately says that he wants to show me what he can do and I am so relieved that he wants to because that means that he doesn’t want me to leave and if I can stay now perhaps I can always stay and so I say very gladly Yes that sounds very interesting

After her successful production Us/Them, in Show the director Carly Wijs ventures into the subject of burgeoning sexuality. A much-discussed but always mysterious topic, packaged in the glitter and glamour of a conjuring show.

A true spectacular!


Press quotes

‘If this production has taught us one trick, it is that it’s actually vulnerability that provides the special magic, and makes the mediocre conjuror into a real magician.’

‘Gytha Parmentier and Dries Notelteirs, young and uninhibited, act with freshness and vitality. Their youthful spontaneity enthuses young and old.’
De Morgen

‘When, while twerking, she bumps into his magic wand, it is followed by an intelligent slow burn of stuttering, stammering and clumsiness, recognisable to any age group, that slowly but surely evolves into a mating dance full of magic, chemistry and energy.’

‘Show is again a funny, disarming and cool production.’
De Standaard

‘Show gives you exactly what you came for: a conjuring show packed with glitter, glamour and flashy curtains of light.’
Het Nieuwsblad


Director & Author Carly Wijs 
Dramaturge Mieke Versyp 
Actors Gytha Parmentier & Dries Notelteirs 
Design Stef Stessel 
Technicians Thomas Clause & Peter Brughmans 
Production BRONKS 
With the support of Vlaams Fonds voor de Letteren 


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