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Dear Pre-Schøøler,

The Grown Ups don’t want to listen, so you’ve got to help! I’m melting! My friend’s house is melting too!!! We need your help! Please help us! Come quickly! No! Now!!!

All best wishes,  
The Snowman

Snøw is a performance for pre-schøølers about the climate crisis.  
Along with a penguin, a fridge, a crazy cook and a coughing rubbish bag, K.A.K. takes a stand against the Grown Ups who don’t want to listen.


K.A.K. is Annelore Crollet, Aurelie Di Marino, Benjamin Opdebeeck, Dries Gijsels, Esther Gouarné, Femke Stallaert, Frederika Del Nero, Lotte Diependaele, Nathalie Goossens, Nicolas Delalieux, Nikolas Lestaeghe, Nona Buhrs, Pieterjan Volckaert, Renée Goethijn, Yuni Mahieu, Karlien Torfs, Ciska Thomas


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