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Copper & Skin is an ode to the strength and solace of music. One moment a cheerful invitation to dance, then a stately tribute or a comforting sound in a funeral procession. Fanfare music carries us through every ritual in life - is almost the true soundtrack of life itself. On scene: two percussionists and seven wind instrumentalists. Nine musical whizzes and character faces who expand the concept of 'fanfare' in all directions. They sound both grotesque and absurd, and at other times subdued and simple.

But always real: with breath, sweat and rhythms that make you move.


Scenografie Randi De Vlieghe
Composities Bert Bernaerts en Koen Bollen
Kostuum Isa Janssens
Productiebeeld Stefan Vanfleteren
Muzikale Uitvoering Hop Frog Fanfare
Basdrum, gitaar Tim Coenen
Snaredrum, compositie Tijl Piryns
Souzafoon Glen De Jonghe
Trombone Loes Minnebo
Trompet, compositie Bert Bernaerts
Altsax Peppi Pepermans
Baritonsax, compositie Hanne De Backer
Sopraansax, compositie Koen Bollen
Trompet Mario Conjaerts


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