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In TATTARЯATTAT!* species and individuals arise, under, between, beside, above, in front of, behind or opposite each other; Shelf meets Beam, Woman bumps into herself, Big watches Small. Abstract talks to its mirror image, or squabbles with Concrete. What does Blue sound like? What does Flat do? How many is Substantial?

A celebratory discovery of difference and similarity that can be enjoyed and interpreted by parents and children alike.

* ‘tattarrattat’ is the longest palindrome in the Oxford English Dictionary. James Joyce used the word in Ulysses (1922): “I was just beginning to yawn with nerves thinking he was trying to make a fool of me when I knew his tattarrattat at the door.”


Van & met Tina Heylen, Eva Binon, Patrick Vervueren, Ephraim Cielen
Technische ondersteuning Anton Leysen/Klaartje Vermeulen
Kostuums & vormgeving Tina Heylen
Lichtontwerp Lucas Van Haesbroeck & Anton Leysen
Een voorstelling van Frieda in coproductie met Theater FroeFroe


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