• Place BRONKS
  • Price For free
  • LengthOngoing between 14:00-18:00

Are you sick and tired of following the rules?
On Car Free Sunday we’re gonna act like fools.
We’ve had enough of not treading on toes
So we’re gonna run riot and see how it goes.
Come and join in with the cheerful teasers,
There’s no room for grumpy geezers.
You being pushed around has gotta stop,
Instead come and take our pickpocket workshop.
Train your finest sliding technique,
For the longest brake-track statistique.
Hey – we’ve got tasty food for you too
A nice greasy sausage on the barbeque! (*)
For goodness sake, take your foot off the brake!

(*) A healthy vegetarian alternative is provided. This whole event takes place with respect for people, animals and the environment


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