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Where anything is true.
Where anything is possible.
And where the impossible is possible.
Who knows? Could the stars there be pink or the flowers fluid?
Or maybe it’s just something blue with pink skin and huge eyes?

What’s more exciting than what’s behind the door? Something you don’t know?

In KIER the makers probe the limits of our fantasy and thereby make way for thousands of possibilities. What if you continue to fantasise? Infinitely long as far as into space where stars, planets, and comets fly around everywhere?

Isn’t it nicer if anything still goes? If the door is always ajar?

Last season, Kim Karssen and Hendrik Kegels performed KIER (ajar) as a final graduation project in hetpaleis. Their impressive imagery left us wanting more. Together with Benjamin Verdonck, this time they give a fully fledged performance of KIER.


concept & spel Kim Karssen en Hendrik Kegels
eindregie & artistieke begeleiding Benjamin Verdonck
productie & technische realisatie hetpaleis
met dank aan Thomas Claessens


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