• Place BRONKS

Here, a seed. Here, some earth. A pot, fingers, feet, hands and…
wait. It's long, it titillates the imagination, it makes the toes waggle, it makes you want to move, to dance, to continue. With Sara and Pierre, the wait becomes a game, a rain dance, laughter in waterfalls and exploration of the peaks.

But what are they sowing? Where will it germinate? Where will it take root?

Semilla, like a plant that grows despite everything, like an idea that germinates who knows where!


creatie & spel Sara Olmo en Pierre Viatour
regie Yutaka Takei
externe blik bienveillant Charlotte Fallon
accessoires Noémie Vanheste
muziek Mark Dehoux
lichtontwerp & techniek Benoît Lavalard
kostuums Sophie Debaisieux


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