STUDIO BRONKS is the education department of BRONKS for everyone from 6 to 21 years.

Various disciplines are covered within the STUDIO BRONKS operation, but the focus is on theater. All workshops are accompanied by experienced actors and theater makers. Everyone who wants to play, create, watch or understand theater is discussed. All workshops are performed in Dutch, sometimes there are workshops that are accessible to French speakers.


2. What is STUDIO BRONKS Congé?

STUDIO BRONKS Congé is a course during the school holidays.

During STUDIO BRONKS Congé, children and young people become acquainted with an aspect of the performing arts over a few days (theater, direction, video, music, choreography, ...). This can result in a small showcase, but is certainly not the primary aim.


3. What is STUDIO BRONKS Traject?

STUDIO BRONKS Traject grew out of STUDIO BRONKS Creatie (see points 4 and 5). Within the STUDIO BRONKS program, children and young people will go on a journey over several years in which they discover the different facets of theater making. Approximately once a week they meet (in certain periods this is more or less often) and work on certain themes, disciplines, interests, ...

There is room for about 60 participants; 3 groups of 20.


4. What's new about STUDIO BRONKS Traject 2018-2019?

In previous years STUDIO BRONKS’ creations focused on the question: HOW do you make theater?

By getting as many theater makers to work with the children / youngsters, the participants gained a broad insight and experience in numerous methods of theater making. Although this often led to many wonderful results, we noticed that there were limitations to it. For example it wasn’t possible to:

-respond to ad hoc requests from other artists who wanted to work with our children / young people.

-delve deeper into a theme brought up from a performance or current events

-respond to very specific needs or requests of the participants

-go to exhibitions or other theaters, museums, or events.


The new question is: WHY do you make theater?

Looking critically at content is essential in a complex, rapidly changing world in which we are being bombarded with information. The new long-term program will be a content-based search through various art disciplines, whereby naturally (and inevitably) there is still room for the HOW-question from previous years. All facets of theater making can be discussed (tech, costume, scenography, playwriting, etc.). It can be tailored ad hoc to the needs and needs of the artists or participants. We want the participants to develop via the Traject into a creative, playful person, free of work and free of borders, where BRONKS can be a new environment where everyone is free to go wherever they want. We use the Traject to create a critical image of human beings, to nurture the participants in terms of content, to question worldviews, to show respect for other opinions, and to bring these worldviews and opinions into a performance.


We are also working very closely with other (national and international) companies and theaters from autumn 2018, with which we are rolling out various projects with children and young people. The new Traject allows participants to enrol in these projects and auditions.


5. Are there really no more creations from autumn 2018 onwards?

There are no more "creations" as in previous years. In the new Traject you will no longer be assigned to one artist in the beginning of the year to create a creation during the year. Traject, on the other hand, contains various possibilities to decide together with the (various) accompanying artist(s) to work towards a creation / showcase. In other words, multiple creations can be made in a year. In any case, around 29-31 May, the entire group (all ages together) will be based in the BRONKS building and will be working on (different) creative moment(s) that grew out of the year.


6. Who are the supervisors of STUDIO BRONKS Traject?

Tine Melens, Amber Goethals and Geert Vandyck are the permanent staff. They are supplemented by professional artists (from the performing arts or other art disciplines) who are asked to let participants participate in their search for their own theater language.


7. Why does STUDIO BRONKS change so often?

Because "the search" is a keyword in the STUDIO BRONKS operation, we find it important to not fall back on methodologies and to allow ourselves to search and adjust where we find it necessary.


8. How do I get in to STUDIO BRONKS?

The places for STUDIO BRONKS are highly sought after. That is why it is crucial that children and young people (and their parents) want to take part. Are you mainly looking for holiday care? Then there are other fine places (in Brussels) where you can go.

Are you new to STUDIO BRONKS? Then you should first try out a STUDIO BRONKS Congé workshop. In this way you become acquainted with the BRONKS vision and the supervisors. Congés are advertised at a predetermined time, registrations always start on a Sunday at 10:00 AM. This time is also communicated well in advance.

>> Congés in the Autumn, Christmas and Spring holidays 2018-2019 will be published 28/08 and the registrations for this will start on Sunday 16/09 at 10:00

>> You can find the summer courses 2018-2019 on 1/03, registrations for this start on Sunday 17/03 at 10:00

If the workshop of your choice is fully booked, you will be put on the waiting list.

>> It always happens (unfortunately) that people cancel. Up to 2 weeks before the start of the workshop, we call people on the waiting list in chronological order. If space is still available later, we will send an e-mail to all people on the waiting list. Whoever responds first has the place. This with the exception of those who already ended up on the waiting list on the start date of the registrations, these people will first receive a personal phone call.

>> If there are 12 candidates on the same waiting list, we also try to do everything possible to organize an extra workshop (this workshop often takes place at a different location).


Did you participate in a Congé or BRONKS project and are you interested in the Traject? Then you can apply by letting you know at the BRONKS reception ( or by emailing info (at) bronks.be – or by phoning 02 21 999 21). When places become available we will contact the interested parties. We also inform you of other STUDIO BRONKS projects / calls / auditions.


Did you not participate in a Congé, but are you interested in STUDIO BRONKS? Please also let us know at the reception. Interested candidates will receive our newsletters with updates on the latest STUDIO BRONKS news.


9. How much does STUDIO BRONKS cost?


€ 150 for a week
€ 30 per day

discounts: € 24 - € 15 - € 9 (based on income)



€ 300-

discounts: € 240 - € 150 - € 120 (based on income)


10. How can I cancel my registration?

The places for STUDIO BRONKS are very sought after. Unfortunately, due to budgetary and infrastructural reasons, the supply is smaller than the demand. We notice very often that registrations are cancelled due to calendar conflicts, which we cannot comprehend. For unforeseen circumstances, of course - see cancellation conditions below.


11. Who do I contact for which questions?

info (@) bronks.be: for registrations, cancellations, questions about payments, interest in STUDIO BRONKS general or the Traject, waiting lists and general information about the workshops/courses you can contact Eva and Lore. (t:


creations (@) bronks.be: You can contact Leila and Jolijn for all practical questions about the schedule, times, places, and equipment for the studio. They will also notify you in good time of any changes to the agreements made. (eg: in the case of a teacher's illness, etc.)


geert (@) bronks.be: Geert is the STUDIO BRONKS coordinator and follows up the workshops in terms of content. You can contact him for all complaints, questions or comments about the operation, supervisors, and organization of the workshops. (t:


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