Corona measures


We stick closely to the instructions of the government and the strategy for the sector and do everything we can to make your visit as safe as possible. We ask adults to be vigilant that the children accompanying them also respect the applicable rules.

We currently take the following measures as a starting point:


  • On entering the building, you disinfect your hands using the hand gel provided by us.
  • In the entire building, wearing a facemask is mandatory for everyone aged 12 or over, also during the performance.
  • Follow the marked routes and observe the physical distance.
  • We work with different entrances to and exits from the theatre. Check your seat number on your ticket and the marked routes in the building for this.
  • Print out your tickets at home (the seat number will not appear until 2 days before the performance).
  • We limit the number of seats available in the theatre and make sure that there is a sufficient distance between the seats of those parts of the audience who belong to different bubbles. 
  • The theatre will be ventilated.
  • The café is temporarily closed.
  • Are you ill? Stay at home.
  • Feel welcome and enjoy the show.


  • Numbered seats
    We work with numbered seats. You will receive your definitive seat number from two days before the performance, via the download link on your ticket.
  • Buying tickets per bubble
    To fill up the theatre in the best possible way we ask you to buy as many tickets as possible in a group (with a maximum number in accordance with the COVID-19 measures). If you buy several tickets, we will regard you as belonging to the same bubble. Once an order has been completed, the number of persons cannot be changed anymore.
  • Discount passes
    Consider buying tickets using a discount pass: this will entitle you to a reduction of the ticket price and automatic extension and transfer of the entitlements in the event of a necessary cancellation. The (non-personal) passes are currently valid for 2 years instead of 1 year. This will give us some breathing space, should we be compelled to cancel performances.
  • Service email
    As usual with us, you will receive a service email from us no later than two days before the performance. In this email you can find all practical information related to your visit. Be sure to read this email, as it also contains information about any additional measures.
  • Contact details
    For each order we ask you to provide contact details of everyone who will be coming with you. This has been made obligatory by the government to enable contact tracing.
  • Performance sold out?
    Be sure to have yourself put on the waiting list. We will keep you informed if more tickets are up for sale because of relaxed corona measures.
  • Cancellation
    If you bought tickets for a performance that is cancelled because of new corona measures imposed by the government, we will ensure a correct follow-up.
    If you yourself are compelled to cancel because of corona, we will reimburse your expenses without any problem on presentation of your doctor’s note.



The BRONKS workshops meet all safety and hygiene regulations of the Generic Youth Protocol. BRONKS keeps an attendance register, a contact log, and a medical card of the participants.

If you are ill, or one of your household members has symptoms of the coronavirus (until 5 days after the symptoms disappeared), you will unfortunately be unable to participate in the workshops. In that case, you can cancel your place free of charge. If you belong to a high-risk group, you require the written permission of your doctor to participate in the workshop.

On arrival at BRONKS, you have to disinfect your hands. During the day, we will also ask you to wash or disinfect your hands on entering and leaving the rooms. You always cough and sneeze in the inside of your elbow.

Each week, a maximum of 2 workshops are organised in the building, which – together with the staff members involved – will form a contact bubble of no more than around 30 persons during the project week. This bubble is kept strictly separate from any other contact bubbles in the building. For this purpose, BRONKS is divided into zones that can clearly be distinguished from each other. The teachers provide assignments that avoid intense contact between the participants, though they do not have to keep their distance from each other or from the other group.

All participants aged 12 or over should have a facemask with them. In principle, they do not need this, but in the exceptional case in which keeping a distance from external parties is not possible, they will have to wear it. Parents are not allowed to enter the building and have to wear a facemask when dropping off and picking up their children.

The workshop rooms are ventilated several times a day. Materials that are used are disinfected. Toilets, wash basins and the dining spaces are also cleaned every day.

BRONKS closely follows the amendments to the guidelines of the government regarding the COVID-19 virus. In the event of an update to the measures we will adjust our measures.


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